Paper Mache Egg Cup

Paper Mache Egg Cup
Submitted by Chris Josephs


Chris Josephs' Egg Cup
Chris Josephs’ Egg Cup

Estimated Cost to Make the Item: $0-$2

I started this off with a piece of hand towel roll. Then cut a base of the boots, and the shape of the legs, covered in scrunched up newspaper to get the shape, (the shape being held in place with sticky tape). I also put a stone in each foot, just to give some weight to the bottom of it, to hold it steady.

I then covered in 9 layers of paper mache, waiting for each layer to dry before applying the next one.

I did have to make the belly a bit big, to compensate for the big bottom I gave it.

Painted in Acrylics, then coverd with 3 coats of varnish, just to make sure it is waterproof. I have had this in use for 3 weeks, just to make sure it could take being cleaned often. Of course it cannot be washed, but has had not trouble being wiped clean with a cloth.

2 thoughts on “Paper Mache Egg Cup”

  1. Adorable! I can’t tell exactly how you got the shape of the bottom or belly. Did you just keep adding layers of newspaper to get them? I love it and want to make some as a gift with both pants and skirts, and to make coordinating felt egg cosies. Thanks!

  2. What a cute idea, and I love the colors. It just shows that all it takes is some imagination to come up with a unique idea.


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