Noah’s ark for Stephanie to see

Made by Eileen

This is to show Stephanie who is working on a jewelry box. You can see how warped the cardboard got underneath the paper mache. I used the smooth air dry clay both inside and out. You can see the door that opened. The hinges broke the clay soon after my grandson started using it even though they appeared quite strong. The magnet did work though.
Would a layer of plaster cloth over the large areas help the warping? Maybe Jonni would have an insight on that. It may make the piece too heavy though.
Anyway, I thought you might benefit from my attempts/ fails!

5 thoughts on “Noah’s ark for Stephanie to see”

  1. Eileen, thank you so much for your help, I have to ask, did you screw the hinges into the paper mache? I wonder if using a strong glue in the screw hole would help keep it stronger?
    I really love your ark, what a wonderful gift! Great job.
    Thank you again for the help.

  2. This is genius at work. I have never tried doors, with good reason. I like the idea of a canvas as a hinge.

    I began four ravens four years ago. The wings warped so badly I ought to throw them out. Instead of straight, they are curved like a “U”. Thanks for the great idea how to keep them straight.

    • I started a book box a while back. After the first cover warped when I paper mached it I used contact paper on it before I papered the next one. That kept everything nice and flat, but I’ve been struggling with a hinge too. May just glue a strip of cloth to each piece and call it good enough.

      • That is interesting. I plan on doing a book in the near future, hopefully! and the warping is a problem. Great idea. Thanks.


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