Mannequin heads

Made by Chris Collins

I made this head and 3 others for mannequins that will stand by a kids check in station at church. I used The clay recipe with joint compound and then smoothed it with a layer of joint compound. First time doing face sculpture. The mouths were really hard! I used a styrofoam head to build my sculpture on and kept running out of room. I figured out that I needed to do a couple sessions to build the nose lips and chins. Otherwise they kind of dropped. But it was So fun!

Mannequin heads

1 thought on “Mannequin heads”

  1. I keep thinking about these faces, even though I haven’t commented. As you know, portraits are rather mathematical in nature, not that the most famous of artists ignore that. They are compelling, and there is something to say about that as an artist. Look forward to seeing what you do next.


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