My Wolf mask

Made by Angela van Wayenburg

I really did enjoy making this mask. However I had to give it eyes, think that comes from my doll making ! As they say eyes are a mirror to the soul !. These I made from pieces of a ping pong ball for a nice eye ball curve. I did have trouble getting the recommended finishing products here in New Zealand, so had to make do with what I had. I would love to have ago at making a dog, but wouldn’t know where to start.

Paper mache wolf mask

4 thoughts on “My Wolf mask”

  1. Thank you Rex!
    I’ll check out the book, I feel a little lost now I have finished the two projects.

    • You’ll never feel lost again. I predict in a year or two you’ll be cursing all the ideas you have! Thanks. (I could send you my list, but the Internet doesn’t have enough space!)

      Your eyes add a great deal to this sculpture. Captivating

      • Thank you Rex!
        I wasn’t sure about the eyes, I have been a dollmaker for years and like my eyes to look real, to me they don’t, but I’m my worst critique. They add character!

  2. Those eyes have a very intent look that I like. The mask is great, and I adore your paint job.

    If you want to make a dog, I would highly suggest buying Jonni’s book, “make animal sculptures.” She begins with a wad of paper, and through a series of lessons teaches you how to become an artist. Along the way, one of the lessons is a dog. It is sitting, but she teaches you how to make patterns for anything you want to make. Many great tips are given along the way.

    When you have problems or questions, people on this site are very knowledgeable and can help you. (I didn’t check it out until I had been doing paper mache a year; a mistake.) Some things in the book have been added to and are helpful hints.

    Good luck. Wonderful mask.


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