Lion Mask With Raffia Mane

Made by Ruby

For this lion mask I used Greyboard which I believe is known as light chipboard in the USA. This worked quite well but I soon found out that clear tape didn’t hold it very well so used both that and masking tape. It also helped to take the paper pattern off the cardboard once the pieces were cut out. ( I did write on the cardboard in the appropriate places).

I didn’t want him to look too fierce so decided to give him a slightly ‘sad’ look.

The raffia took ages to attach to the mask – and just as long to clear up the floor afterwards! Lol

I am still learning and have just bought the cat mask. I intend to make it into a Tiger to go with this guy and my wolf.

I think though in order to make the model smooth I will investigate Jonni’s paper mache clay which so far I have not done.

Thanks for taking a look!

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