Minotaur Headdress Mask Pattern

Minotaur Headdress Mask Pattern

For Paper Mache


Minotaur Headdress Mask Pattern

Bring the magic of The Lightning Thief to life with this Minotaur headdress mask!

This downloadable Minotaur headdress mask pattern helps you create a fierce and memorable mask for the Percy Jackson play. This is a bull with a serious attitude!

With a few inexpensive materials and the included instructions, you’ll have a stage-ready Minotaur mask in no time. The pattern creates all the shapes for you, so no sculpting or mask-making experience is needed.

Your audience will love seeing it as much as your actor will love wearing it.

How to Use the Minotaur Mask Pattern:

Minotaur Headdress Mask Pattern

Print the pattern pieces, attach them to cereal box cardboard, and cut them out.

Minotaur Headdress Mask Pattern

Tape the pieces together, and add foam balls for the eyes.

Minotaur Headdress Mask Pattern

Add one layer of paper strips and paste.

Minotaur Headdress Mask Pattern

Then bring your Minotaur mask to life with acrylic paint.

Finished Size:

About 21.25 inches (538 mm) high, 19 inches (483
mm) wide and 11.5 inches (292 mm) deep, including
the cap and horns. The size can be changed by
printing the pattern larger or smaller, or by custom-fitting
the cap after assembly.

My downloadable PDF Patterns come with full instructions.

There’s no waiting for your pattern to arrive, and no shipping costs, so you can start on your project right away.

Note: If you’ll be saving your pattern to and iPhone or iPad, those devices like to hide your downloaded files. This article from Apple.com will help.

And remember – if you have any problems downloading your files or putting your pattern together, just let me know. I’m always happy to help.  :)

Minotaur Headdress Mask Pattern


Minotaur Headdress Mask Pattern
Minotaur Headdress Mask Pattern

Watch these videos to see how to create your Minotaur Headdress Mask:

Watch this first video to see how to tape the Minotaur Headdress mask together, and add foam balls for the eyes.

Watch this next video to see how I added paper mache to my mask using brown paper that comes stuffed in amazon.com boxes. Newspaper works, too – you don’t have to use brown paper. This video also shows how I painted my Minotaur right over the sealed paper mache, so the brown shows through for his fur. This is an easy way to paint fur, but the glazing liquid will really slow down the drying time. Of course, you can paint your Minotaur any way you want to. :)

To Make Your Minotaur Mask, You’ll Need:

  • The Pattern
  • Access to a Printer
  • Copy paper or full-sheet labels (I always use the labels)
  • Glue stick if using copy paper instead of the labels
  • Cardboard from 6 standard-sized cereal boxes or 12 letter-sized sheets of light chipboard.*
  • On 1.25″ foam ball for the eyes
  • A small amount of aluminum foil
  • Sharp scissors
  • Clear plastic tape and masking tape Note: Don’t use disappearing gift wrap tape – it isn’t strong enough.
  • Paper strips and paste, or use Titebond III Wood Glue for a stronger mask
  • Acrylic paint or spray paint, and varnish
  • Shoelaces or elastic straps to hold the mask in place while dancing

* If purchasing cardboard in place of the cereal boxes, it will be sold as “light chipboard.” Medium or heavy chipboard is too stiff to bend well.


Minotaur Headdress Mask Pattern
Minotaur Headdress Mask Pattern

When you finish your Minotaur mask –

We would really love to see how it comes out. Please visit the Daily Sculptors page and upload some photos. :)

Jonni with the Minotaur headdress mask.

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