Man Eating Plant Sculpture

Made by Tamara Nelson

Hello all this is the largest sculpture to date I’ve created. She/he stands about 5 and half feet. Love Jonni’s Air dry clay so easy to work with. It’s weighted at the bottom so it’s quite bottom heavy and I used a heavy gauge metal fencing to make the armature. All the leaves and vines are paper mache and separate so it’s easier to move. The smaller heads I did use carve-able foam pumpkins(local craft store), I cut out the mouths and I used the air-dry clay on the lips which did a great job sticking to them. I used spray foam for the inside of the mouths and for the gums. Teeth are a combination of poly clay for the larger ones and air-dry for the smaller teeth. All comments are welcomed.

7 thoughts on “Man Eating Plant Sculpture”

  1. I LOVE this! I just started the structure for something along this line, but your detail is fabulous, and I love those tendrils. How did you protect it as it looks like it’s outside which is where I want mine.

    • I made sure it wasn’t going to rain. But there are waterproofing sealants you can apply. I have yet to try those. I’ve heard Drylok works pretty well and they do have a clear. It was something I was going to try on a future project.

  2. That is great. The Day of the Triffids has arrived in splendor and glory. I love this. One of my favorites. Thanks.


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