Karin Tancel / Kevin Richardson’s Bobcat

Made by Michael Murphy

I wanted to craft as realistic a lion head as I could, based on Kevin Richardson’s Bobcat, and this is best demonstrated in Bobcat’s nose scar pattern. I planned to wear the mask with a tuxedo, like in a Karin Tancel portrait but the mask was too hot for the evening.

Lion head mask based on Kevin Richardson’s Bobcat

7 thoughts on “Karin Tancel / Kevin Richardson’s Bobcat”

  1. I’m making a fancy center table using a mermaid as my motif. The stress I’m facing is the formation of the skeleton. I want it seated with a hand on the flower on the table, and the other hand on the ground with the weight resting on it. How can you help me wit on this please?

    • Hi Num. I’d start with a drawing of a human skeleton. You can find a lot of them online, but this one is really good. You didn’t mention what you’re using for your armature, but I’ll guess it’s heavy wire. Measure each limb and the spine on the drawing, and then draw out the same proportions on a big sheet of paper. Then cut and bend your wire to those lengths. Once you have all the proportions right, you can start bending her into the posture you’re looking for, with the legs together and the feet splayed out to the side for her tail. 🙂


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