Long Horn Jester

Made by Conchita Snuverink

This long horn sheep is made from paper mache, cloth, wire, wood dowels, gesso, and acrylic paint. It was difficult getting the horns in the precise position and it was by trial and error that I devised a strong bond using dowels to hold up the horns. I have been working in paper mache for many years as a hobby and I enjoy making whimsical animals.

Long horned sheep playing court jester

7 thoughts on “Long Horn Jester”

  1. Fun and beautiful! I shutter to think how hard it was to paint those geometric designs on basically the whole piece! Please show us the rest of your work if your son will be patient enough to help you!

  2. Actually when I look at the pictures it is two different long horn sheep. I noticed that the horns are different.

  3. Hi Conchita – thanks for showing us your court jester sheep. Do you have a website where you show your other work? I love your creative use of the animal forms in a whimsical style – very unique. But are the two photos of two different sheep, or is it the same one with two different looks?

    • It is the same sheep with two different angles. I have several other animals that I have made and would love to share them with your readers. I don’t have a web site as I am not that technically savvy I am embarrassed to say! My son is my go to for technology and he helps me with everything on the computer. I probably should develop a web site though.


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