‘Kirby’ and ‘Among Us’ Video Game Figures

Made by Kris Pratt

These are my first completed paper mache clay items. Small video game figures requested by my son. They are not very big, the Crewmate is only about 11cm tall, Kirby is 8cm.
The crewmate has a cardboard armature filled in with aluminium foil, and, at the insistence of my son, a stone used as his eye/visor area. Covered in paper mache clay, the DIY Gesso, and painted with Acrylic paint.
Kirby is hollow, I used a hard plastic ball and covered it in a thick layer of crumpled aluminium foil about 3/4 of the ball, then pulled out the ball and added bits of foil over the opening until the hole was the size I wanted for his mouth. This gave me the empty foil ball for his body, then I added the feet and his tongue. Covered in paper mache clay, inside and out, I used the drywall joint compound to smooth it out a bit, then the DIY Gesso, and acrylic paint.

My son is quite pleased with them.

I have been a long time fan, viewer, enthusiast, and….. obsessor. I cannot begin to explain how much I enjoy and am grateful for all the videos, tips, posts, recipes, ideas, suggestions, and inspiration that can be found here.

I literally have another 10 projects in the works, and dozens more planned…..



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