Two Beagles and a Hound

Made by Connie Kulow

The two beagles, Reggie and Bosco, will be adopted by my grandkids. They were made from plastic grocery bags, masking tape, foil, paper mache clay and varnish. The hound, Jethro, had a make over with new eyes, new toe nails, and surgery on his tail. He is doing fine…. thanks for asking.

Paper mache beagle

Paper mache hound

11 thoughts on “Two Beagles and a Hound”

  1. Oh, my gosh, it would be SO GREAT if you had a showing of all your dogs! How many do you think you’ve done so far?

    • All together? Let’s see…. a collie for my husband, Leroy my hound, and a beagle for my friend. Then I started making the dogs for the grandkids and so far I have six of them completed with one to go. I’ll try to do a family portrait before they all travel for Christmas 🙂

  2. They are great. Bear and Leroy will miss them. I recognize the look in both of their eyes. A great job. Treasures, for sure.

    • Thank you…. I know the grandkids are going to very surprised! Now, one more to go and then figure out the best way to pack and ship them to Ohio and Tennessee, oh, and Montana!

      • I’m not an expert, but when I mail a paper mache sculpture, I wrap them in bubble wrap and then fill the box with peanuts. I’ve never had one break in eight years (and not before that, either!).

        Way cute.

        By the way, ship them FedEx. It is cheaper, quicker, and reliable!

        • Thanks for the advice Rex! We do have a FedEx near us and will definitely use bubble wrap and peanuts. It would be so much easier if Santa would just stop by with his sleigh and pick them up! lol

  3. Cute! I’ll bet you are a hit with your grandchildren! Now teach them to do paper mache, it’s fun and you will make lasting memories with them. I did Jonni’s blowfish(maybe Jonni could provide the link) with mine and they loved it and treasure their creations. Nice job!

    • You are right, I should have a paper mache marathon with the grandkids! I love Jonni’s blowfish! They don’t know about getting dogs yet as I plan to send them as Christmas gifts. When everyone visited here all I heard was I have dibs on that one, this one….. I think they were planning my demise!! lol So, I decided to make them all a personal dog to keep forever.


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