Its beginnng to look a lot like Christmas ..

Made by Mary

Well, we are in lockdown for another two weeks and the local chatter suggests it might be extended until after Christmas. The shops that are open are forbidden from selling anything that is deemed non essential, so getting ready for Christmas is somewhat hampered. So, I decided to get on with what we have and start the decorating!I

This reindeer head was my first attempt at paper mache. I expected to put it outside before I realised that paper mache is not waterproof!, I decided to dress him up a bit and hang him indoors. I love his cheesy grin!

Paper mache Christmas reindeer

8 thoughts on “Its beginnng to look a lot like Christmas ..”

  1. I love the deer and can’t believe it was your first. Amazing. I wish you could teach me to paint fur like that! A great creation.

  2. He’s super and I love the paint job! You must be really pleased for your first project, I think he is very good.

    • Thanks, Linda, I am pleased with how he turned out. I really didn’t understand paper mache to begin with, so the layers of clay on this are very thick. I struggled with the symmetry and getting the eyes to match was a nightmare. I kept piling on the clay to cover up my mistakes. It never occurred to me that I could have just scraped it all off!

      I was hooked though and began several other projects while I waited for this to dry. They were much smaller and have made an appearance on this page before this one as they dried and could be painted more quickly. This new hobby certainly keeps me busy during lockdown!

  3. Thank you Eileen, very kind of you. Yes, my first try. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong, which is why it ended up so big! I kept on covering my mistakes with more clay, lol! It was too big to go in the oven, so I had to wait for it to dry. It was a good month before I took a chance and painted it! It seems a lot lighter now than it was, so I hope it stays on the wall and the screw that is holding it doesn’t break.

    I made other things inbetween, mainly dogs because I love them, but I am pushing myself with humans now., Oh, and on a much smaller scale so they can dry in the oven on a gentle heat! Thanks again!

  4. First paper mache project, are you kidding me? I also love his cheesy grin and it made me have one of my own. What a clever decoration and quite the conversation piece! Nice job!


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