A Dragon, Mr. and Mrs. Gnome, and Paper Mache Windmill

Made by Joseph

I like to try a bit of everything cardboard miniature houses, photo frames, metal embossing, etc, I have done a number of PM figures your gnome, his lady wife and the little big nose too, I have done balloon cat, Humpty Dumpty ,Gromit and a couple more, don’t know if I can post them here because of copyright issues.

Mr and Mrs Gnome

Paper mache windmill

2 thoughts on “A Dragon, Mr. and Mrs. Gnome, and Paper Mache Windmill”

  1. Joseph, all of your projects are fabulous! The detail on the dragon is impressive, the gnomes have such character and the windmill is incredible! You have the knack for sculpture! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I keep changing my mind about which one I like best, but I realized I don’t have to make that choice. They are wonderful creations. The windmill is wonderful. I love the coloring. Thanks.


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