Hot Diggity Dog

Made by Jon Keller

The inspiration for this little doggie came from my brother’s dog , Archie.

I made my paper mache from brown paper bags ….which I now have an abundant supply of since plastic bags have been banned around here. They make a very dense , brown , heavily textured paper mache that looks a lot like brown stone when dry .

I made a frame using wooden dowels , sort of like a cylindrical cage , onto which I created Archie. His torso was put on with a butter spreader , like icing a cake. The head was made with clay sculpting tools directly onto the body . The legs , tail , and ears were all made separately and attached one at a time. In one of my images he is not finished yet and you can see the wet paper mache around where the legs attach to the body . The progress was slow as a lot of time was spent waiting for things to dry before I could proceed .

I liked the “stone” look of the paper mache so I decided not to paint it .

Paper mache dachshund by Jon Keller
Paper mache doxie by Jon Keller

6 thoughts on “Hot Diggity Dog”

  1. Wow, the movement in this sculpture is perfect. You can just see this guy in your minds eye running around. Beautiful work as always and so impressive how very much you brought him to life frozen in motion. Brilliant!

  2. The brown paper bag would have worked for my ropin’ horse! I look forward to hearing how you used the brown bags. Love the dog!!

  3. Hi Jon,
    Hot Diggity Dog is delightful. I love the brown paper bag color and texture. How were you able to smooth out the paper and what paper mache recipe did you use?

  4. Hi….
    Soon I will write something explaining what’s involved in making and using ” brown paper bag” paper mache. It’s my own creation since I have so many brown bags ( plastic bags have been outlawed here )…… but it is very basic. And thanks for the positive feedback.

  5. Jon, this guy is a winner. I really like the brown bag pm. Did you make it like the regular tp mâché?. I would think it would be too coarse to smooth out but obviously you were able to work it like Jonnie’s pm. Did you use some sort of armature for the head before applying the brown bag mâché?
    Congrats on a wonderful doggie, just full of personality!

  6. Hi Jon-
    Well, I’m sold – I gotta work with this paper bag mache too! I really love the texture and color it provides. Do you have any tips for making the mache? I’ve only used TP so far, which of course falls apart in no time in the making process.

    As for this pup – I love his expressive eyes and the active pose. He is a very lively guy. A true delight!


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