Scooby-doo witch doctor mask

Made by Anthony P

For a decoration for kids party i thought the witch doctor mask would be cool. Looked around online and found one guy who did it before. He did a fantastic job but no info as to how or materials used. So i winged it.

  • 4ply cardboard
  • Paper mache over
  • Paint
  • Feathers
  • Dyed dollar store grass skirt
  • Milk jug plastic lenses behind eyes
  • Battery led light behind
Scooby-doo witch doctor mask
Masks with eyes turned off.
Scooby-doo witch doctor mask before painting
Mask before painting

3 thoughts on “Scooby-doo witch doctor mask”

  1. What a great idea for the party. I’m sure the led lights just added to his look. Sometimes “just winging it” is like writing a book where it seems like the author just kept making it up as they went along lol. Good job!


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