6 thoughts on “Horribly failed attempt at shoulder”

  1. The clay conforms to the underlying structure/armature. If you don’t want lines to show then use a rounded object to apply the clay to. I use plastic containers to make rounded pieces and attach them to my armature in places where it isn’t rounded enough, like for arms and legs and shoulders. You can just add more pm clay but then you get a very heavy object/sculpture. I did that with one of my full size sculptures and it is top heavy so I had to make it a seated figure. I have made these rounded pieces with regular pm paper strips and then attach with either paper strips or pm clay. When I have leftover clay I make these rounded pieces for when I need them. I also use rounded cardboard “cans” for rounded parts. They can be cut in half lengthwise and placed over a paper strip covered armature before adding clay.

  2. I suppose for a perfectly smooth look, it could be considered a failed attempt but I’ve seen finished pieces with a rougher look and they look great! It all depends upon the eye of the beholder I guess and the eye of the artist. Keep playing with the mâché. Sometimes smoothing with water can really give a smoother look.

  3. Hi Luca. It looks like your paper mache clay hasn’t been mixed enough, or you have more paper than you need. The paper is probably causing the holes – although I’m not sure. We have a recipe with gram measurement that will help you get exactly the right amount of water. You can find it here.

    If you’re trying to make the edges disappear, you’ll probably need several more layers of paper mache.

    • Thank you for the answer!
      The mixing is probably the problem there, as I’m using the experimental no-joint compound recipe and the amount of paper is correct but I don’t have a mixer so had to mix by hand and evidentely didn’t provide the right results.

      As for the edges I’ll be trying both by adding more layers on this one and by making a new one on cardboard. Maybe straight up paper isn’t helping either.

      Thank you again for the help!


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