Paper Mache Recipes (Including Paper Mache Clay and DIY Air Dry Clay)

We currently have over 40 posts on this site with paper mache recipes, including different types of paste and glue that can be used to stick paper strips together. We also have quite a few variations of my own famous recipe for Paper Mache Clay.

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Update on experimental paper cement clay

Paper Cement Clay Update

The toad made with the new experimental Paper Cement Clay has now been outside for four months, in rain, sun and snow. How is he holding up? In this video we find out.

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Weatherproof paper mache clay recipe for outdoor sculptures

Weatherproof Paper Mache Clay for Outdoor Sculptures

These two new recipes for paper mache clay appear to be weatherproof. They’re based on a recipe from Warren Eggleton, who created giant pots with weatherproof paper mache clay, and they stayed outside on Australia for at least 6 years.

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How to make paper mache.

How to Make Paper Mache – The 5 Basic Steps

If you want to know how to make paper mache, this post is for you. Paper mache (or papier-mâché, if you prefer to say it …

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dry powder polyfilla clay

Using Powdered Drywall Joint Compound for Air Dry Clay

Can we use powdered drywall joint compound instead of the pre-mixed kind that the Silky-Smooth Air Dry Clay recipe calls for?  Our friend Karima Rebecca …

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Paper Mache Clay with Plaster

Paper Mache Clay Made with Plaster of Paris

Is it possible to make paper mache clay with plaster of Paris instead of pre-mixed drywall joint compound? Yes, it is!

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Paper mache Clay Without Joint Compound

Paper Mache Clay Without Joint Compound? My Latest Experiment

Can you make paper mache clay or silky-smoothy air dry clay without joint compound? In this video I do an experiment to find out.

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Make paper mache clay with newspaper

Make Paper Mache Clay Without Toilet Paper

Can you make paper mache clay with newspaper or other recycled paper? No TP? Yes you can, and this video gives you a few tips to make it easier.

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Is paper mache clay waterproof?

Is Paper Mache Clay Waterproof?

Is paper mache clay waterproof? This video tells you why it isn’t, but also gives some tips so you can use your paper mache clay sculptures outside anyway – at least for awhile.

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Paper Mache Recipes (Including Paper Mache Clay and Variations)

Cooked Flour and Water Paste Recipe – And When to Use It

In this video I show you how I make cooked flour and water paste for my paper mache sculptures, and when it’s worth extra time to make it.

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strong fast-drying paper mache

Super-Strong Paper Mache that Dries Really Fast

Create a strong paper mache mask really fast by using Titebond III glue instead of the usual flour and water paste. Just one layer completes your masterpiece.

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Paper Mache Clay Recipe Measure by Weight

Paper Mache Clay Recipe with Gram Measurements

If you love paper mache clay but it doesn’t come out the same every time, your kitchen scale is the answer. Use these gram measurements from now on.

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Mix the paper and other ingredients of DIY air dry clay.

Recipes for Paper Mache

We have paper mache recipes that you probably won’t find anywhere else. Any of these recipes will work with the easy paper mache sculpture and …

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Inexpensive gluten-free paper mache paste.

Gluten-Free Paper Mache Paste (Won’t Attract Mold, and It’s Cheap!)

This super-easy paper mache paste contains no flour, it’s gluten-free, and it doesn’t attract mold or insects. And it’s perfect for grade school art teachers.

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The original recipe for paper mache clay.

Paper Mache Clay Recipe

This is the famous recipe that takes all the mess and frustration out of paper mache. It makes sculpting fun again – paper mache in a whole new way!

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Paper mache clay recipe with no flour

Paper Mache Clay Recipe Without Flour

This paper mache clay recipe without flour will be helpful for paper mache sculptors who worry about critters being attracted to the flour in the original recipe.

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unusual paper mache paste recipe

An Unusual Paste Recipe, and a Family’s Adventures with Paper Mache

An unusual method of making paper mache, and a 3-generation history with puppets.

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Fast and easy instant paper mache recipe

Fast and Easy Instant Paper Mache Recipe

I used this fast and easy DIY Instant Paper Mache recipe to make the cougar and hippo wall hangings that often appear behind me in …

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Paper Mache Recipes (Including Paper Mache Clay and Variations)

How to Make a Mold with Gelatin and Glycerine, Part 2

This video shows how to use the gelatin and glycerine mold-making material to make a mold. (You’ll find the actual recipe and mixing method in …

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Gelatin and Glycerine mold recipe

Gelatin and Glycerine Mold-Making Recipe, Cheap and Reusable

I spent the last several weeks playing around with recipes I found online for this cheap and reusable gelatin and glycerine mold-making material. The recipe …

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Paper Mache Recipes (Including Paper Mache Clay and Variations)

Home-Made Gesso Made with Glue and Joint Compound

This is a very simple mixture, but this DIY gesso can make a big difference when you’re making a paper mache sculpture. Home-Made Gesso Recipe: …

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