Golden Lion

Made by Karlyn Knudson

I actually began this project in early spring. I had set it outside to dry one morning and came home from work to find that someone had taken a hammer to it and I was so upset I almost tossed it in the garbage. I set it in ashes and thought about it and a week later I took it back down to the area I rent and I repaired it. I was actually making it for a lady who is an adult survivor of childhood abuse who suffered injuries that she still struggles with today. I think I did a good job repairing it even though it isn’t perfect. It makes it that much more special to me that I may just keep it for myself and make her a new one. I really love it.

Golden Lion Head

6 thoughts on “Golden Lion”

  1. I looked at your baroque lion this morning. It is stellar. Very beautiful. I am happy you saved it and finished it in this way. Very special. Thank you.

    I cannot imagine why someone would try to destroy it. Makes no sense to me at all. Rather painful.

  2. Love the lion. You would never know what this lion went through. It not only represents strength, but I have to say that you did a wonderful job in making it. I love the colors and the mane. Great job!

  3. Karlyn, your lion is really nice – I love the gold and silver colors that you used – he’s very regal. It may mean even more to your friend if you tell her that it was ‘injured’ so cruelly, but you rescued it. :)

    • I lived the first four years of my life unable to control the movement of either eye. Caused by non accidental head trauma. I was not blind but my eyes.. were useless .If you can imagine looking at two different things at once.being a young child that has not seen anything when I was four I got to have surgery so that I could use my eyes.The lady I told you about was not as lucky as me She did not heal and suffers seizures and her left hand cant be used she has a hard time walking with a walker..I felt a kinship to her but never told her about what happened to me.she wanted a painting of a lion and I did two of them but didnt feel either one and then I stumbled upon you videos and thought it was a great idea.I was so excited and it was turning out just beautifully and then that happened.I was so broken but the thought of someone could do that.I couldn’t bare to just throw it out.I had to fix it the best I could. Thank you for your kind words.


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