Egyptian wall art piece

Made by Edwin Mojica jr

Hi jonni , hey everyone I’ve been working on another Egyptian wall piece decided to try to use jonni’s paper mache clay recipe which is amazing. I am always saying it but it’s true what I did was I drew out an Egyptian woman on aluminum foil with a marker then used jonni paper mache clay applied it with a butter knife then took a little water and smoothed it out I also used a tip of a pen to press down and add details into I also added a scarab beetle on top cut out cardboard hot glued the bottom with aluminum foil and used papier-mâché clay then let it dry for few days then painted it using acrylic paints. Still long ways to go I want to do the snakes gold with green scales then brush a little black on it and going to put red ruby stones for the eyes once done go over the whole thing with a shiny varnish and I will put large blue pea cock feathers in each vase. Then it’s going on my wall wanted to try something different sill little bit more to go do you guys think I should do the snakes gold with green or should I do black then little brushed gold on it all suggestions will be appreciated thank you .

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    • Thank you so much it’s so crazy I’ve never made anything in my life. Then I stumbled on jonni’s utube vids and I made my first reindeer head and from there just one after another I appreciate your comment thank you so much and I will post in a few months my living room wen it’s done still so much to do but loving every minute of it really relaxes me doing these projects thanks again ?

  1. for painting the snakes, think the black and gold may achieve what you want. If not, if using acrylic paint, you can always paint over it and start again.
    Nice job on the sculpt…I agree with Jonni…you must have an interesting decor in your home!

    • Thank you very much, yes you are right I can always paint over it if I don’t like it fingers crossed ?

  2. You’re putting some very nice details on this one, Edwin. With all the Egyptian-inspired art you’re creating, you must have a very interesting house! 🙂

    • Thank you jonni , I wanted something different so decided to make my living Egyptian it’s been a journey I will tell you but loving every minute of it I’ve learned so much from you finally finishing up few more projects Iam also doing a lion head rug , faux taxidermy hopefully I can finish everything within 3 months then I will take a break lol it’s just hard i get all these ideas and then I want to see if I can make it it’s so addictive and rewarding when you see your vision come to life and to see everyone on this page all there projects are amazing think it’s wonderful that we all can share what we make and get inspired and advice it’s really great ?


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