First post, glowing clay faux stones! (Unpainted)

Made by Blair Dosser

Hey Y’all from Houston, so happy to be able to share my clay experiments here! These are 100% paper clay faux stones made that are *unpainted* and they GLOW so bright near a blacklight! A friend requested these as part of some decor project and they turned out great.

Instead of Toilet paper, I used AstroBrights neon paper from Walmart, the copier paper kind- not cardstock! After sorting the colors, I soaked the sheets in what I call “highlighter water” (break open a highlighter, put the felt in water) and you get a bright fluorescent liquid. I did use different color “highlighter waters” for the different papers.

I was able to soak the colors individually and get the sheets pulverized quickly with my processor. I’m still working with Jonni’s recipe and processes- there’s just no better way to paperclay!

Just as a tweak for this experiment though, I used joint compound sparingly as it tends to dull the glow effect. I think with a bit more glue, it could even go without the Joint Compound! I used just enough JC to get a smooth clay going. I didn’t need a creamy clay because I was making pebbles, so I omitted the flour and just used cornstarch for a rock hard but smooth finish. The rocks look like they belong in a fish tank! My friend just loves them!

I will soon paint some of my paper mache rocks with another layer of glow in the dark paint…and then they are sure to glow in the dark even without the blacklight! I had so much fun making these, and I hope to make videos on my highlighter-y process and other paper mache experiments soon!

Neon colored paper clay rocks.

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