Elephant – A Tough to Wrap Christmas Present

Made by Pam Jurach

I just finished my first Jonni sculpture for my daughter’s Christmas gift. We were fortunate to visit an elephant sanctuary, no riding allowed, in Thailand, and I wanted to remember the amazing experience.

It went in a different direction than anticipated, mainly in the painting process. It was supposed to be “steel,” but the paint did not cover the way I thought. I also need to take an eye painting class to avoid wimping out like this.

I LOVED building the pattern; it’s like a 3D puzzle with the answer provided.

If I had a do-over, I would have looped a wire through the cardboard and back of the head piece to use as a hanger as the mask is heavier than anticipated. Best non-sculpting tool discovery? A tiny cuticle tool from a man’s mani set I was getting rid of. The rounded edge worked like a dream moving the paper towels into wrinkles, and the pointy end helped around the eyes.

Thanks to Jonni for creating these patterns; I can’t begin to imagine how she does it.

3 thoughts on “Elephant – A Tough to Wrap Christmas Present”

  1. Hi Pam. I know the color didn’t come out the way you wanted it to, but it still looks really nice. Very elephant-like, I think. Thanks for showing it to us. Has your daughter seen her present yet?

    • Yes, and she loved it. My mom was slightly stunned as I haven’t ever sculpted. I’m going to try a variation of your Degas bunny as a dancing Boston Terrier for her 85th birthday. Right now I’m working on When Bulldogs Fly with some steam punk influences for my sister’s family. H as bing do much fun!

      • I’m sure your mom was both stunned and impressed! (Will there be a sculpture under the tree for her next year?) 🙂

        I absolutely love the idea of a Boston terrier dancing on his toes! And they’re bully dogs, so the steam punk touches will be perfect. I really hope you remember to show us how it turns out. I should also mention, for those who haven’t seen all of my posts, you can see the bunny that Pam mentioned here (first video in the series).


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