Egyptian queen statue

Made by Edwin Mojica jr

Hi guys I was driving and found a half broken mannequin with one arm a store was throwing out so took it home and used paper mache clay Jonni ‘s recipe of course and by watching a lot of her utube videos made the process easy with all her tips and advice I’ve learned so much from her much appreciated so I used paper Mache for the whole thing then at the end used cement and a old sheet draping down her also left space in between to put in a flame less candle so give her a little glow at night. Also used great. And orange paint I had laying around then brushed it with a gold rub it was really nothing to make so u can take something broken in the trash and transform it to something cool

8 thoughts on “Egyptian queen statue”

  1. One word: stunning! What a great piece 🙂
    Egyptian mythology is such a great inspiration source isn’t it? 🙂

    • Hi Isis thank you for your comment and yes I love Ancient Egypt It’s so impressive how they lived and where so ahead of there time just amazing.

    • Thank you Eileen , it really was easy to make , I never made anything in my life and Iam 46yrs old. I stumbled on jonni utube like a year or so ago. And I was so inspired by her I literally watched every vid and learned so much from her I’ve been making so many projects thanks to her it’s become a hobby now thank you for taking time out your day to comment on my statue.


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