dancing baby flamingo

Made by Joanne Bookmyer

Lots of video clips of dancing baby flamingos have been posted on the internet lately. The young birds don’t look much like the adults (at least to me) but they are definitely cute. This project ended up being a big experiment. Used a plastic swizzle stick from an old mini-blind to make the legs. Cut to length and then heated it with a heat gun to get the bends. Used snow flocking for the down. The “glue” to bond the flocking is just that – watered down Elmers glue with some gray paint mixed in and applied over the paper mache form. You can see how the gray undercoat shows through. Finally, used Plaster of Paris with some vermiculite and brown stain mixed in to make the base. The oval form was made by using the rim of a plastic flower pot.

Dancing baby flamingo sculpture base

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  1. Amazing! It looks so wonderful! Love your technique for the down, and how the base looks like he’s standing in wet sand! Great job!


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