Made by Karen Holme

I’ve been working on lots of different kinds of ornaments for Christmas throughout the year, but I needed something more. I then came upon Jonni‘s website. I spent an entire evening reading the recipes and watching the videos. I was overwhelmed and couldn’t imagine that I could accomplish the seemingly monumental task of creating a papier-mâché ornament! For reference, I have art around my house from my husband‘s uncle who was very talented at sculpture and pottery. This made the task seem even more overwhelming! I put away my iPad and did nothing that day.

The next crafting day I told myself that I’m not getting anything done by sitting here staring at the website, and so I began. What’s the worst that could happen?

It may have been many years ago, but I remember the newspaper method but working with Jonni’s recipe was nothing like that! The clay went where I wanted it to go and it was almost as smooth as I wanted it. (I figured out a method on my second fish.) I felt like uncle Emil was proud when I was smoothing the papier-mâché clay with my spiffy little spatula.

Little clown fish will be front and center on my Florida Beachin’ Christmas tree this year.

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  1. It should be front and center. What a wonderful fish and ornament. Never considered making ornaments out of them, but that is a great idea.


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