Christmas ghosts

Made by Eileen

One of my favorite Christmas movies is the George C Scott version of The Christmas Carol by Dickens. These sculptures are loosely based on the three ghosts of Christmas past, present and future. I could never hope to duplicate the actual actors but just represent them.

I started these because my paper mache class wanted to do a human figure. I thought I should have something to show them that a figure can be achieved in paper mache. The 3 figures took quite a bit of time but they were fun.

5 thoughts on “Christmas ghosts”

  1. Amazing ghosts. The faces and costumes are great, especially the lady-ghost!

    I’m not sure if I saw that particular movie, but it is a great story. How do you do the armature for the bodies? Thanks.

    • Oh-you’ve got to see the movie! It is our family’s favorite and we find ourselves quoting it all year…..everyone in the family gets it but I’m not sure others would! The armatures are tinfoil wrapped in masking tape. For the clothing on all three, I dipped pieces of muslin into watery plaster of Paris so I could get the draping I wanted. I let that dry, which dries pretty hard. I then covered the cloth in a thin layer of the smooth air dry clay. You lose a bit of the detail of the draping but it still works.
      What do you think of the base Rex? I used a piece of flagstone that was left over from a patio. The girl had wire through her feet so I could adhere her to a base. I had to drill 2 holes in the flagstone which was fun(done while wet so it wouldn’t crack) The other 2 were just glued on with epoxy.

      • I love the base. In my next life, I would love to work with stone and wire, perhaps welding! Drilling a hole in rock might be outside of my ability, but that is a great idea so the ghosts don’t go floating off to haunt someone.

        The black one keeps jumping out at me.

    • Thanks, that was a problem getting the small details….perseverance is the key! I did wind up amputating some arms, hands, etc. No matter. I did change my teaching strategy with the figure though. Most of the class were novices so I had them do a much larger figure so they wouldn’t get too frustrated with the fine details. Alas, the class got cancelled due to the school shutting down for the pandemic. Hopefully, next semester some will take the class again and get a chance to finish their projects. Some of them were very promising!


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