Baby Elephant Walks

Made by Gus’s Wardrobe Department (his parents)

This is the baby elephant head doubled (thank you Jonni!!) for a request from the school play teachers who were putting on Lion King and wanted a big two student elephant to walk about the stage. We love to make costumes so we took it on and the back of the elephant was accomplished with parasols that we covered to match.

Sadly the pic was shot at rehearsal because the world fell apart before the curtain could go up but the school will have an elephant now in their future plays if they need it! Thank you Jonni for all the help – you were the key to the smiles of the kids when Teddy and Gus walked out! Plus, I KNOW we will be back for more patterns – it was so much fun!

3 thoughts on “Baby Elephant Walks”

  1. A great elephant, and the parasols look perfect. (I don’t know the Lion King, so someone else will have that comment.) This would be a great addition on stage. What a beautiful work you have created, and I hope thousands get to see it.

    Thanks for the lift in spirits.

  2. What a great costume! I hope the school will be able to reschedule the play, and that Gus gets to perform in it, even if they have to do it during summer break. 🙂


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