7 thoughts on “Blue Seahorse”

  1. Hi Jeff, what a beautiful sea horse! Love that it can live outside. Did you have to pour the resin on him, so you got in all the little nooks and crannies? Love the colours . Great job!

  2. Love your seahorse! Great job and being outside, others can enjoy it too. I have never used epoxy resin but am assuming it makes it water tight. Great job and so cheerful!

  3. Hi Jeffrey. I love what you do with the paint and glass – plus all those beautiful shapes. You mentioned on your last post, about your monster, that you have a YouTube channel with more information about your process, but I don’t think we got a link to your channel. I’d love to see your videos, if you could give us a link.

    • Hi Jonni,
      I do not have a YouTube channel but there are tutorials on how to make the eyes are online. This is the one I watched to learn how to make the eyes.


      As for my process, it depends on the shape. For this Seahorse, I used a very thick copper ground wire from Home Depot. (6 gauge) and bent it in the shape of the seahorse. Then I wrapped the wire with wall insulation to add the “flesh” of the seahorse. Next, I covered the entire shape with masking tape to make it easier to apply the paper clay. I used silicone molds bought at Hobby Lobby for round shapes and applied them as the last step. Next came the paint and two coats of a clear epoxy resin. Pictures of the process are here on my Instagram page.


      (My apologies for my rudimentary Instagram page. I don’t really use it that much!)

      I’m happy to answer all questions,


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