Blowfish (pufferfish)

Made by Karen Holme

After making two fish ornaments for my Christmas tree, I thought I would try making a round ornament. I used a silicone mold and dabbed the papier-mâché clay into 2 half-round spheres on the mold. It worked! I cleaned the edges and glued the two halves together. Now, what to make?

I made another fish. LOL

Inspired by Johnni’s blowfish, I decided that is what I’d like to do. I cut slits in the side and back to secure the fins which I designed to have a tab that sticks inside the hole. By the way, I used the kind of cardboard that one cuts to make mats for framed art. I bought the mats at a going out of business sale and I’ve had them for decades and haven’t used them, so why not? I painted the whole fish antique white, acrylic. I then tried using hot glue to put toothpick pieces onto the body. They did not hold. So, I drilled tiny holes all around Mr. blowfish and stuck the toothpick pieces into the holes with Elmer’s glue. That worked. Then, I did a second coat of paint and the details.

I think Mr. blowfish will look good on my Florida Beachin’ Christmas tree, as long as I don’t hang him where someone could bump him! He is a bit sharp!

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