5 thoughts on “ballerina to show Jon”

  1. We are definitely fans of Mr Degas .
    Your ballerina is lovely . Good proportions , nice pose , and nicely made accessories . And , like mine , the entire piece is supported by only one toe !
    I like the way you employed both paper mache and the Paverpol . Many of my pieces also use more than one material. I feel the different materials introduce different textures which add to the appeal and interest of a piece.
    Now I need to get myself some Paverpol to see what I can do with it .
    Thanks for sharing .

  2. Hi Eileen. Thanks for posting your ballerina again. I think you posted it years ago, but it was on our old system that wasn’t searchable. Now people will be able to find it. 🙂

    It’s been fun watching the interconnected projects this week. We got to see Jon’s ballerina, and we also saw Naomi’s Moon Gazing Hare made with Paverpol. Naomi left a comment telling us which Paverpol product she uses, but when I do a search on Amazon for Paverpol there are so many different options that I’m still confused. Do you use the same methods that Naomi mentioned in her comment? How much do you think a small-ish outdoor sculpture would cost to make with this product, and do you know if it’s completely waterproof?

    • I think the paverplast adds texture to the paverpol, the paverstone can make a clay out of the paverpol.
      I just used the standard paverpol for the ballerina(bronze). If it is a small sculpture, I’m sure you can get by on the 500g. you don’t want to buy too much as it gets too thick over time after opening. The paverpol is a thick, easy to paint liquid. It would be like painting with yogurt(not greek). It dries pretty quickly. You do lose a bit of fine detail with several layers.
      I would exaggerate the detail a bit if you find it important. There are tutorials all over youtube to check out.
      The manufacturer states that it is truly waterproof. I personally haven’t tried it on any sculptures as they usually have a wooden base.
      I thought your recent sculpture of your stepmom’s dog would have looked great in Paverpol. Good luck. I look forward to seeing your project.


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