Thank you for your recipe

Made by Shawna Broadlick

I like to stick things in my hair so I made this to see what your paper clay could do almost a decade ago. I thought it would be fragile, or moisture sensitive, or maybe little bugs would be attracted to the flour. I have dropped it A LOT over the years (slippery hair). As you can see your recipe did just fine. It doesn’t weigh anything, and it didn’t get dirty the way I thought it might either. It does have a chip.. but I had to drop it down stairs in a parking lot to earn it. My favorite thing about the clay is how like paper the finished surface is, you can mark on it with anything… glue stuff to it.. whatever. Anyhow, thank you for your generosity in sharing your techniques.

2 thoughts on “Thank you for your recipe”

  1. It is beautiful! Did you use Jonni’s original recipe for the paper mâché clay? It looks so smooth. Did you form the separate petals on foil and then attach separately? It turned out better than I would have guessed it could be made. Congrats!


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