Baby Mini Donkeycorn a.k.a. The Adorable Assicorn

Made by Jonas Hartley

My friend asked me to make her a paper mache baby mini donkey so I said “can I put a horn on it?” It’s kind of a thing after I made a couple unicorns. A quick search introduced me to the world of the mini-donkey. Do yourself a favor and google “baby mini donkey” it’s a cute overload.

She’s about 3 feet tall with an armature made of 1″ x 2″ pine wood. I did a basic flour paste with white craft paper over the newspaper and masking tape form. A thin layer of air dry clay for the fur and details was time consuming but worth it.

The best part is the gold leaf equine eyes. I used 30mm glass cabochons and after a lot of failed experiments landed on a great repeatable technique.

Making gold leaf eyes

9 thoughts on “Baby Mini Donkeycorn a.k.a. The Adorable Assicorn”

  1. A wonderful sculpt! And very clever use of gold leaf to do the eyes….I don’t know if you came up with that yourself or someone else did but it really worked. Nice job.

    • Thank you Eileen, I did come up with the technique myself. I’ve tried lots of things for eyes over the years and happened to find a half-round solid glass dome in front of my garage one day which gave me the idea.

  2. What a character. Who wouldn’t love having that little thing around? Thanks for showing us a treasure. Cute as can be.

    I don’t think outside the box much, and I love your idea with the eyes. I will have to try that. Creative and adorable.

    • Thanks Angel. I saw your post about building a life sized paper maché pony you can sit on? I built a pony, a 15.2 hand unicorn kids can sit on, and currently working on a pony with wings. I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

      • Oh, thanks, Jonas; your unicorn sounds amazing!

        Can I ask how you made the ‘skeleton’, if you did one, and what you used to bulk out the armature?

        I think I know (roughly!) what I’m doing, although my metal worker is more confident than I am right now :D


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