Harlequin Mask

Made by Joanne Gennarella

This mask is paper mache using an armature of my own face as a base to form the sculpt over. I get a face form from my own face using plaster gauze strips which dry on my face – I lift this form from my face and use it as the base for my masks. Hope you like her. She is painted with acrylics.

3 thoughts on “Harlequin Mask”

  1. Beautiful! I love the lips! You are mighty brave to put the plaster cloth on your face. A new form of facial! LOL! Another way is to mold several layers of tin foil to your face to get the form

  2. Hi Jonni – hope you like Harlequin – I wish you would do a video on how you painted your cat mask – the one with the tiger stripes.


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