Archangel Raphael in Colour

Made by Sarah Manchester

Here is Raphael in all his colourful glory. I used acrylic paints to create the effects and had fun in the process. A final coat of PVA to give him a sheen all over, rather than just on the metallic paint areas. I love him. The idea was patinated Bronze and I was delighted to discover the many colours available on real bronzes. If you google it, there are foundries that provide colour-charts for patinations available if ever you want to commission a bronze sculpture. I think I will stick to paper clay!

Click here to see how the wings were made.

3 thoughts on “Archangel Raphael in Colour”

  1. Lovely end product Sarah! You did a great job on the painting. Have you ever checked into the Sculpt Nouveau products? It would be worth your while to check out their bronze/copper/iron paints that actually have bronze, etc in them. When you apply the patina, it will react to the bronze and gives a true to life patina look.(not that yours doesn’t!) At the very least, go on their website to check out their many tutorials. It is interesting.
    Nice job on Raphael!

    • Thank you for your lovely comments Eileen. I will check out the Sculpt Nouveau website. I am thinking of doing a huge version of Michael in the driveway in cement and products to make it look like patinated bronze would be marvellous. I thoroughly enjoyed playing around with the acrylics on Raphael. I was able to get a graduated colour with the green changing to copper from the bottom of the figure upwards, which I am not sure I would have been able to achieve using patination products. However, I will have a good look at their tutorials and see what can be done. Thankyou very much for the suggestion. I have also ben looking at pictures of nebulae on the Hubble telescope site for Michael’s paint job as well as bronze patinas. Amazing colours and effects. I need to find a spare ceiling or two!


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