Large king tut fireplace

Made by Ej

Well I started this large king tut inspired fireplace. It mid way done I am thinking of adding an Egyptian goddess in the middle also thinking of painting it with sand textured paint this is my second project the first was reindeer head thank you so much for inspiring me love your videos I did exactly how you said and it’s coming along I know it’s not perfect but it’s just my second project I never thought I would. Be able to make anything you really made it easy to learn I love your utube videos I’ve learned so much on so do you think I should spray it sand textured paint or add colors with gold still in process I am making an Egyptian room thnxx you I learned a lot

4 thoughts on “Large king tut fireplace”

  1. This King Tut is amazing. You are so talented. You said it’s your second time. Keep doing it. Love to see more of you work. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Omg Rex to be honest this was my second project I’ve ever done so Iam still learning , and yes now that u mention it it kinda dose look like him but I fixed the lips and eyes so now it’s a little different looks better now I did the spray textured paint and it came out perfect now just gotta finish up and should be done

  3. EJ, you have a good form here. I have tried different “sand” textures and have never really had good luck with them. Perhaps you could pull it off. I even bought some spray sand paint from the local hardware store, but it didn’t look right to me.

    The large king is a strong likeness to President Trump. I wonder if you would do Melania as the Egyptian goddess?


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