Made by Lisa Anne

I so enjoyed creating this piece that when he was finished, I was kind of bummed…like when you are reading a reaaallly good book and are sad when you finish it!

Anubis was the ancient Egyptian god of the afterlife, and was highly revered for 3,000 years as one who would accompany the person during the end-of-life transition.

The entire armature is covered with paper mache clay, except for a base coat of newspaper strips for his torso to get started with there. Some areas were finished as textured then painted clay, and in other areas (ears, face, neck) different kinds of fur and various other embellishments from my stash of creative materials were used. The only thing I purchased fresh and “new” for him was the Ankh pendant around his neck. Otherwise, I enjoyed scrounging my stash of bits and bobs!

The “hieroglyphs” I made for his yoke (with Das paper clay) read “Life is Eternal”.

He will be entered in a show with a theme of “Spirituality” later this summer.

Anubis sculpture

Anubis sculpture third view

4 thoughts on “Anubis”

  1. Oh golly, wow, I really love how you did such an amazing piece of work. I am mad into all things Egyptian. But especially cats so my sculptures will be Baast. Good luck for the show. You have a show stopper

  2. Soooo cool, Lisa Anne! I love how even the impressive hieroglyphs have real meaning. So detailed and fantastic!

  3. Wow he’s really effective with all the lush embellishments. Love how you did the torso. Might pinch that idea for a project I’m on with. Thanks for the inspiration.


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