Baphomet in paper clay.

Made by David Fitzgerald

Hi this is my first paper clay mask. I am using this material from now on. The mask was for a favorite part was making the horns –  rolled up news paper then masking tape then paper clay on top of that…Jonni you rock!!!

15 thoughts on “Baphomet in paper clay.”

  1. You rock, bro! Your talent is off the charts. Everything is well done. No doubt it will be the star of the show.

    (I won’t say I started one of these figures years ago. Maybe you can inspire me to get back to it.)

    Thanks for showing us. Hope to see other masks soon!

    • Hey what brilliant comments thank you so much..sorry for late reply have been making a load of masks for my exhibition this year..all occult based,im working on two at the same time at the mo..Baron Samdi a voodoo god..and strega an italian witch mask..i cant wait to start the hair mask very wickerman.There will be 13 in all so a lot more to make.PS Any mask with horns is ok by should get the clay out and enjoy.stay cool FITZ

    • Thank you so much Dimitria,sorry for the late reply im working on masks for my exhibition later this year..i love when i get to the decoration part of the build all the messy stuff is out the way and i can put music on and fill a glass with something red and fit all the little bells and things.Im working on a voodoo god at the mo along with strega a witch.there are 13 in looking forward to making some more animals,i have a hair planned to tie in with British folk law..its fantastic to get such lovely comments inspires me design more .Thanks …FITZ

      • When your exhibition is ready, I hope you’ll send us a link to a website so we can all see it online. Those who live in your area will want to go visit in person, I’m sure. 🙂

        • Hi Jonni will trying to track down carta lana wool paper so i can buy some, very difficult to find ..we found some on line but its the thinner of the two styles the Venice mask makers use ..they use it for the first coat i believe then apply a thicker coat..i bought some of the thin..any ideas where i could get it in a roll ?.FITZ

          • Sorry for MY late reply 🙂
            I read online that carta lana is called cotton moleskin in many parts of the world. I haven’t looked at either in person, so I can’t say for sure, but it might be worth looking into!
            I came back and looked at your Baphomet again just to get inspired. Really great work!!!
            I’ll post mine here at some point 🙂

            • Thank you so much ..yes i found some carta lana..not used it yet but i have used Sugar paper..and it works great and much cheaper to buy..will post picture soon of results.

          • That is absolutely awesome!!! Off the charts! Don’t know if this is useful or not, but here is a link to a blog mentioning some kind of eco 15% wool paper by Favini. Gave up trying to find Carta Lana. The last company I bought some from was call Fearless Facade it was the 400 gauge. Finally going to try to use it for making a Mother’s Day gift. Anyway, hopes this helps!


            • Thanks mate..yes it is a bugger to get hold of,i tracked some down but havent used it yet,i used sugar paper instead and it works just the same..and much cheaper…will post results soon,regards FITZ

  2. She does rock, but so do you! Great mask…is it based on some character that I don’t know or is it from your imagination? The attention to detail is impressive!

    • Hi Eileen thank you so much,its based on a god worshiped by the Knights Templar…i also mixed in the Scandinavian yule Goat that’s why i added bells,it sounds great when the actor moves working on a collection of occult Maskes from around the world for an exhibition im planning later this working on a voodoo god named Baron Samdi at the mo all of the masks will be made of paper clay,what a brilliant material i love being able to make it up myself so cheaply also its so light and tough when dry.Thanks for the lovely feedback FITZ.


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