A Music box made from sugar paper for my wife’s birthday.

Made by David Fitzgerald

Hi jonni here is a music box i made using sugar paper ..sculpted in clay first,then i made moulds in plaster ..and then lamenated sugar paper in to the moulds the fabric i hand painted to match the rest of the cabbage.

5 thoughts on “A Music box made from sugar paper for my wife’s birthday.”

  1. Just a beautiful sculpture! I have never heard of sugar paper but obviously you know how to use it. I don’t know how you made the final without any visible signs of different pieces of paper. Great job!

    • Hi Eileen thanks for your lovely comments ,sugar paper is used a lot in schools for pastel and charcoal drawings its quite rough and comes in different shades i like to use blue as it looks like Italian wool paper used to make masks in Venice…its also a thicker paper ..comes on a roll.and not to expensive.All the best FITZ.

  2. It’s beautiful, as all your work is! What a great design, and so wonderfully executed – fantastic!

    Now I know we’ll all want to know your secret of using paper mache in a plaster mold. Do you have any tips for us?

    • Hi jonni thanks ..the secret is to sculpt the master without to many undercuts..makes it easier to remove the paper from the mould.I use spray wax in the moulds try to use a brand without water in, i use the one with a little plastic bee hive for the lid dont know if you get it over there.four layers of sugar paper should be enough for a nice thin strong mask or model..but you can use as many as you like it just takes a long time to dry.i also use a thin coat of vasoline before laminating the paper in to the mould..try to keep the pieces of paper as large as you can for the first coat then up to you for the rest of the coats.let dry for a few days make sure its totally dry before gently prizing out i did my Baron samdi mask exactly the same way.the bunny was a two piece mould then joined together with a strip of paper.. i use strong wallpaper paste for laminating into the mould..and any sticking that needs doing later.Use gesso to make smooth …i make my own with joint compound and pva…paint let dry then paint on again till you have a uniform coat let dry then sand smooth ..paint and decorate how you want seal with a coat of lacquer.Hope this is useful all the best FITZX


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