Made by Jacqueline nicholas

I love using found objects which gives me an idea to start a sculpture.
This bird started as a fruit container with a hook for bananas.
Jonni’s enthusiasm Is very motivating and encouraging
Every Successful piece of work grows uniquely and if I try to Repeat the idea it fails.
A snorkel became a bird (or is it a baby dinosaur)
I don’t worry about the finished texture but try different mixes of mache and Decide if I like the look..if not I try something else or throw it!
I really must try to master a refined look soon but when the mix fails I apply it to see if it works anyway!
I’ve been a watercolour artist all my life but always fancied paper mache.. which is such a joy to work in a more inspired way now

Armature for paper mache turtle

Paper mache giraffes

1 thought on “Jacqgallery”

  1. These are all fun creatures. The bird — well, you can’t go wrong. The turtle is showing signs of life. I love your African animals (and the painting of the lamp on your wall is a favorite). I, too, have been a watercolorist for decades and love paper mache. You’re going down the right path. Wish I could loosen up a bit like these. Thanks.


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