White Rabbit

Made by Kristy Grieve

Inspired by Jonnie’s Jack rabbit, I used her pattern to create the white rabbit for an Alice in Wonderland themed room. I made a texture paste (also inspired by her) out of wood glue, joint compound and corn starch…I could get it thick enough to get great fur texture. Then I wanted him to be white but look like the paint was chipping and metal is showing underneath.

White Rabbit sculpture for Alice in Wonderland-themed room by Kristy Grieve
Closeup of White Rabbit sculpture

12 thoughts on “White Rabbit”

  1. Now that is one dapper looking rabbit! I have never made a paper mache of this quality but you make it seem so easy… I just gotta try my hand at it one day soon

  2. Kristy, your White Rabbit looks wonderful – I love the way you ‘aged’ it with the paint and texture. Did you happen to keep track of the amounts of wood glue, joint compound and corn starch that you used for the fur? It worked so well, and I’d love to try it – in fact, I’m sure a lot of us would. :)

    • Hi Jonni!
      Thank you so much! About 60% joint compound, 40% wood glue…then I just added corn starch until it was my preferred thickness. If I do it again I will measure better! I hope it works well for you! Thanks for posting my work! ?

      • You’re welcome! If you would be interested in writing a guest post for us, showing how you mix your new modeling paste (or whatever you call it), I’d be happy to put it on our recipes page so more people will see it. If that sounds like fun, just let me know. :)


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