Three More Masks Made, One More to Go…

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Happy New Year, everyone! I hope life is treating you well so far.

My paper mache mask book project is winding down – just one more mask to finish, and one more chapter to write. I ordered some Instant Iron and Instant Rust so my ancient iron Celtic helmet should look very realistic. The hard part is waiting for it to get here. OK – the hard part really is going through all the words in the book and finding the zillions of typos that hide so well. But I won’t start that project until the helmet is done. [Edit: Since making the helmet I found a non-toxic iron coating that is much easier to use. It’s from Sculpt Nouveau, and they have lots of different metal coatings. I recommend their products instead of the Instant Iron mentioned above.)

The three I finished since the last post are shown below. I want to thank everyone who took the time to “vote” for the one you think should go on the cover.  In the next week I’ll be going through the list of suggestions you gave me. The Kudu below isn’t an option for the cover (for search engine optimization reasons – TMI…) but if you still want to vote you can add the butterfly and owl to your list of candidates. I love hearing your suggestions. I don’t even mind if you vote twice! 😉

By the way, I couldn’t stop myself from snapping that picture at the top of this post. That cat looks so sweet, doesn’t she? A few seconds after I took the picture she jumped onto my work table in the middle of my paint (I managed to move all the important stuff in time) and then insisted that it was time for her cuddles. When she insists, all work stops. I guess that’s what cats are for, right?


Paper Mache Kudu Display Mask
Kudu Wall Mask
Paper Mache Owl Mask
Owl half-mask
Paper Mache Butterfly Mask
Butterfly half-mask


18 thoughts on “Three More Masks Made, One More to Go…”

    • Thanks, Lisa. I’m posting the last two masks now – then I get down to the process of editing, and deciding which chapters I actually get to leave in the book. Hard decisions ahead!

  1. Wowzer! The owl mask is amazing! Love it! 🙂 I’m thinking about recasting my vote. What an amazing paint job you did… Very realistic.
    Typical feline… They think nothing can be as lovely as they are, and they won’t let us forget it! LOL! 😀

  2. fabulous masks! i would have voted for the duck but now with that awesome owl and catching butterfly i don’t know anymore lol…
    can i ask is the ribbon attached with hot glue?
    thanks and good luck with your book!!!
    Happy 2011!

    • Thanks for the input, Ildi. (I love those fish on your latest blog post – I can imagine five or more hanging on a mobile. It would be fun to see them swimming in a school…)

      I put a hole in the mask for the ribbon, and reinforce the hole by passing the ribbon through a button first. I’m still working on that part, actually…

  3. On this set of photos, the owl gets my vote this time. That will really be a hoot on the cover of the book. It is strong visually and grabs your attention. My cat Casey is so bossy and fussy. I just washed my sheets and took the top comforter of my bed. She refused to go on the bed to her spot until I put on the comforter on the bed. Now she is blissfully sleeping on the bed. When she meows, she let’s you know she means business. They own us, not the other way around. That would make a nice project, pet related paper mache. That shoud spark the creative juices of your readers.

  4. O wow, I know you explained the web problem to me about the cover, but I think the cat photo with the masques would be so great! Okay, okay, if I’m voting again I guess the Butterfly, based on the idea that it has more colour to call attention to your book.

    • I thought about it. I do with the cover images on the amazon.com search results weren’t so tiny, because I’d really be tempted. After all, that darned cat ends up in all my videos, why shouldn’t she be on the book cover, too?

      Maybe when I get a chance I’ll make up three or four covers and post amazon-sized images of them here so we all can have another vote.


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