Spotted Piglet – Project #4 in New Paper Mache Book

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This video is part of a series showing the projects in my new book Make Animal Sculptures With Paper Mache Clay. (The video was made before the book came out – it is now available on Amazon.com)

In this video, I introduce you to a spotted piglet. He’s the fourth project in my upcoming book Make Animal Sculptures with Paper Mache Clay.

In case you’re wondering, the term “KuneKune” refers to a rare breed of miniature pigs from New Zealand.

I took the dogs out to run on Mt. Emily this morning, and I discovered that I’m even more out of shape than I realized. I broke my toe a few months ago, and it slowed me down for quite a while. At my age, a month of being really, really lazy can make muscle tone disappear fast. I suppose I’m lucky that the dogs are as out of shape as I am, so it wasn’t hard to keep up with them.

When I got back I worked on my new email notification system – you can sign up using the form over there on the right of this page. Don’t miss out on a single video or tutorial.

Now I’m off to the hardware store, my favorite place for art supplies. Today I need to find some heavy wire or thin metal rods to use in the series of large horses I plan to make in the next few months. Wandering around a hardware store makes me happy – so many weird and wonderful things in there, and nice people, too. I hope your day has something fun to look forward to, as well.


12 thoughts on “Spotted Piglet – Project #4 in New Paper Mache Book”

  1. I adore this sculpture! Do you have any tips for making one with a hollow belly? I want to make one for a a friend as a piggy bank.

  2. also http://www.mysticrealmsart.com

    The book is my question, you refer to the ” new paper mache book”
    Is it for sale yet? If so, where can I get it?
    Thank you again so much for being so very helpful. It takes a lot of time
    and dedication to do so much great art, write books/tutorials, raise a family
    and still you have time to reply to everyone. That in its self is a super women!

    • Hi Jen. The book is almost finished. Thanks for asking. It should be available on Amazon.com sometime in May, if not sooner. If you’d like to be one of the first to know when it’s done, sign up for my newsletter. The signup form is over there on the sidebar.

      Just one note – my daughter is all grown up, so the time factor is not quite what it might be for some people.

  3. jenni:
    I admire and love your work!absolutely adorable!
    I hope your toes get better:-)
    tank you to share with us
    Sincelery,Analia from Argetina

  4. Hope all the toes are healing well! Jonni, do you have any ordering info for your book yet? All these teasers are certainly working!!! I can’t wait to add it to my library. May, wow~~~ that is a long time to wait! hehehehehe

    • Hi Ann. Thanks for the kudos. Yes, my toes are almost back to normal. And yes, May does seem like a long ways off, doesn’t it? But writing the book is just the beginning. Now we have to put all the instructions (and hundreds of photos) into a desk-top publishing program. (We’re using Serif PagePlus x4, because we can’t afford the fancy Adobe products.) As soon as the file is to our liking, we’ll send it on to CreateSpace, Amazon.com’s printing division, and it will be ready to share with the world.

      Blogs are a lot easier than books. Who knew? But writing the book has been a very interesting adventure.

  5. Just as I was pondering my underappreciated uniqueness… as if I was the only being in the universe who spends her days with paper mache and an out-of-shape dog/best friend. Who’s true “happy place” is the HomeDepot, and who fairly recently broke a toe! I smiled and I even giggled outloud at the comforting simularities. Im now officially hooked on your blog! And I thank you for all that you share, it is truly invaluable.

  6. Definitely LOVE the hardware store. It’s my favorite store for art supplies. You can use so many things there for art! Love the pig. Just adorable!


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