Sophie Makes an Entrance! – Paper Mache Giraffe

Made by Pauline Seddon

Hi Jonni,
Meet Sophie!
She is made from your giraffe pattern, with one or two minor alterations. She now resides in my daughter’s new summerhouse. Hope you like her, as I loved making her. I have purchased your hare pattern for my next project.
Thanks for your fantastic patterns and instructions. Couldn’t have done it without them.

The following notes and photos explain how I managed to hang the sculpture from the wall.

Step 1: Firstly I made a picture frame from wood and hardboard.

How to hange a giraffe sculpture on the wall

Step 2: I then positioned the sculpture onto the picture frame and marked/outlined the location of the giraffe onto the backboard of the picture frame.

Frame for giraffe wall sculpture

Step 3: I drilled 3x fixing holes into the backboard of the picture frame.

Holes drilled in back of giraffe sculptue

Step 4: I attached a piece of hardboard with glue and tape to the base of the giraffes neck and once dried, I drilled three holes in alignment to the pre -drilled holes in the picture frame. Note: The holes in the base of the giraffes neck need to be large enough for the heads of the butterfly cavity fixings.

Once the head was painted and ready for mounting, I screwed in the butterfly clips (as pictured below) through the back of the backboard of the picture frame and into the base of the sculpture.

Hardware for hanging giraffe sculpture

Step 5: These clips spring open once screwed into the base of the sculpture and hold it securely to the picture frame.

Giraffe attached to frame

9 thoughts on “Sophie Makes an Entrance! – Paper Mache Giraffe”

  1. I just love this piece! The paper mâché and paint job are beautiful! The whole idea of Sophie sticking her head thru a window is just perfect. What a great gift!

  2. Oh, my gosh, I like this way of hanging animals heads on a wall much better than the faux taxidermy, which always made me feel a little sad, notwithstanding. This is so fabulous and so funny!

  3. Excellent work – wow – making Jonni’s model look even better than she could – and that’s saying something.

  4. Pauline, thanks so much adding the information showing us how you hung your giraffe on the wall. I never would have thought of using those clips, but they’re the perfect solution!

  5. Pauline, your giraffe really turned out nice! She looks like she’s peeking out of the jungle. 🙂

    How did you hang the sculpture on your wall? Some people have asked me how to do it, and I couldn’t give them a very good answer. Do you have some tips for us?


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