Selling Art, Cardboard, and More Pumpkins

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Hi Everyone,

I didn’t get much artwork done this week – the weather forecast says we have a freeze coming tonight, so I spent two days cleaning up the garden and harvesting my butternut squash. At least 200 pounds of squash! And right after sending this email, I’ll start moving all of it from the garage to my basement. So, no new projects this week, and I didn’t get my jaguar mask painted. Those spots will have to wait.

Selling Art, Cardboard, and More Pumpkins

But I did just put up a video, about a book I’ve recommended to a lot of people. It really did make a huge difference for my business. Even after starting a number of small art businesses over the last 50 years, there were still some things in this book that I really needed to know.

The Business Book
I Wish I’d Read Sooner

More Creepy Pumpkins

Halloween is coming, but this guy seems to extend the holiday to a year-long event. The pumpkin in this photo is tame, compared to the paper mache pumpkins he shows us how to make in his videos. It would make a fun project for a cold, rainy day like today. You can see his first video in this series here.

Selling Art, Cardboard, and More Pumpkins
olivier bertrand sculptures

Cardboard sculptures…

This big cat was made by Olivier Bertrand. His website does mention that some of the armatures are reinforced with metal rods – I’m sure that’s the case with this “Jumping Tiger.” If you’d like some inspiration, just to see how something like old cardboard boxes can be turned into museum-quality art, check out his website. He doesn’t show us how they’re made, but it’s still worth a look.

My spotted cat will be done next week …

Fingers crossed, of course – but I’m so close to having that jaguar finished! I keep thinking of it as a leopard, because I think spots go on a leopard, and jaguars are black. I don’t know why I thought that. Both cats have spots – and both of them can be all black. When they’re black, they’re called ‘black panthers,” even though they’re difference species, and live on different continents. My fun factoid for the week. 🙂

Remember to visit the Daily Sculptors page and look at all the amazing projects that have been uploaded since the last time you were there.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Selling Art, Cardboard, and More Pumpkins


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