Puppet Master’s Blade

Made by Jerri Hall

As promised, here is the first sculpt I did with the no-flour clay recipe. This mask, knife, and hook was made for cosplay for a Horror Movie convention, and it is the first time I have ever sculpted anything. Blade from Puppet Master was a belle of the ball, but the greater joy was discovering what I could do with this medium. It is delicate, but forgiving, versatile but sturdy and durable. The most difficult part of this sculpt was turning a 2 dimensional image into a 3 dimensional sculpture. But like I said, this medium is very forgiving. When I built something too big, I waited for it to dry and sanded it down to size. When I saw a new angle to the image to incorporate, I simply added more clay to shape the structure.

The biggest mistake I made was not taking more time to build the right armature for the mask. The right armature can save you so much time. In the end I had to do much more sanding than would have been necessary, and the mask is much thicker and heavier than it would have been with the right structure to build upon.

Puppet Master's Blade mask side view


Puppet Master's Blade mask with costume

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