Pumpkins 2020

Made by Rex Winn

A few of you may remember I was not making pumpkins this year; however, upon finding the location of an old friend, I decided to make her one. Then it was 2, 3, 4, 7! Here is a photo of the larger ones. Silly bird is directing.

I was finished with them except for varnish, and then a good friend told me about red pumpkins (to be his), and I went with that. I had never heard of red pumpkins before.

The interesting part in painting them this year was that I used cool and warm yellows and reds. I rarely combine warm and cool colors in this way but was happy with the result.

Pumpkins made with paper mache clay

11 thoughts on “Pumpkins 2020”

  1. These pumpkins are the best that I have ever seen! The painting is fantastic…. the green and yellow/orange work great and makes it look realistic. I think you could fool everyone in thinking these are real :)

    • Thanks, Isis. Two friends came over today to collect them — one for each of them and one they are delivering for me. There were four, and I asked Shellie which was her favorite. She didn’t want to say, but in the end said the lopsided one with green on the side. I was shocked.

      I have to say something about a pale blue pumpkin and I told her I was now mad at her! The suggestion that I do a blue pumpkin, I hope, will have to wait until next year! They always push my limits!

    • Thanks, Lisa Anne. I always feel challenged by pumpkins, although I have probably made hundreds. I love that shape and color. Appreciate it.

  2. Rex, I bow down to the pumpkin master! Not only have you perfected the art of sculpting pumpkins, you have perfected the painting of them! Nice job my friend!

    • Eileen, thank you very much. After I was told about blue pumpkins, a friend sent me a photo of a pumpkin that looks mosaic. I’m busy cleaning my art tables so I can get back to it, and trying to prepare for winter. Appreciate your comment.

  3. They’re beautiful, Rex. I love the way they’re painted, and the shapes are perfect. You may have a hard time convincing people they’re not real. :)

    BTW, if anyone hasn’t seen Rex’s tutorial where he shows us how he makes his pumpkins, click here to find it.


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