Papermache other uses

Made by Pedro Rodrigues

Hi from Portugal.

Its been almost 4 years that I’ve been creating an historical reenactment project through an invented character from early 1700 which aims to remember its epoch through painting (Mr P paints your face in historical ambiance) and sculpture (papermache baroque small figurines, paperclay busts, etc) and since two years that I’ve inherited one of my father garages, I decided that Mr P had to have a studio decorated with an historical flair .

So I’ve been grabbing big refrigerator cardboard boxes and converted them into faux arches, walls (crown moldings??), columns and God knows whats next. So, again, its all cardboard, papermache for structures and paperclay for textures and reliefs applied directly onto the wall.

As a complement I’ve been painting Portuguese baroque faux tile patterns on the walls, so my idea is to keep the same color palette, but adding some air drying modeling clay details and paint them in gold. So it will be “ouro sobre azul” or “or sur bleu” (“gold over blue” a portuguese expression that refers to our decorative baroque tradition of gold leaf sculptures over blue painted tiles.
Its been a ….. nice summer project! Eh eh eh

Paper mache architectural detail Made by Pedro Rodrigues
Paper mache architectural detail Made by Pedro Rodrigues

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