Paper Mache White Tail Deer

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Lina Bunnell's deer sculpture.This delightful white-tailed deer was made by Linda Bunnell, the author of this guest post. She used a drawing she found online to create her own pattern for the deer. Her use of Epoxy Sculp for the fine details of the face and to strengthen the antlers was a good choice, and it worked really well for this sculpture. Thank you, Linda, for showing us how it was made!

How to Make a White-Tailed Buck with Paper Mache

© 2018 Linda Bunnell

I started my deer with a paper pattern, then made my wire frame.

Pattern for White-Tailed Buck
Pattern for White-Tailed Buck Armature
Wire Armature for Paper Mache Buck

Then I added aluminum foil, glued in place & taped with masking tape.

Adding Foil to the Deer Armature.
Adding Foil to the Deer Armature.
Adding Foil to the Deer Armature.
Masking Tape Covering Foil on Armature.

Added ears.

Ears Added to Deer Armature.
Ears Added to Deer Armature.

I covered the body with paper mache clay. I then bent wire for antlers & covered them with JB Weld putty or Apoxie Sculpt, which is what I liked best.

Paper mache clay, and epoxy on antlers.
Paper mache clay, and epoxy on antlers.

I used Apoxie Sculpt to fill in muscles & face.

Using epoxy clay for details.
Using epoxy clay for details.

Then it was painted with acrylic paint My deer is now ready to set in his pond display which is presently being built.

The deer is finished!
The deer is finished!

Hope you enjoyed this little deer
Thanks for watching & thank you Jonni for posting & your great teachings. WHAT FUN !


Here’s a video of the ‘pond’ Linda made for the deer:

10 thoughts on “Paper Mache White Tail Deer”

  1. Hi joonny thanks for your tips project, sure this is very very beautiful, its awesome. Goodluck for all your projects

    • Thanks for all the nice comments & to the questions as to making the antlers. I bent wire in the shape, cut small pieces for points & glued with apoxie. When dry, cover with apoxie, make holes in the head & insert wire.

  2. Thank you for the tutorial. You have made a lovely little deer, would be interested to see your pond display when it’s finished, he will fit in perfectly. I’m hoping to make a hare….eventually!

    • Thank you
      I finished my pond but I didn’t make it of paper. This was the 2nd one. The 1st was paper mâché but had a change of heart because of making the rocks. This one I used foam & carved it.

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