Paper Mache Gargoyle

Made by Rutger Huisman

I made this gargoyle with a strong base. I used wood, plastic (tubes), 2 mm iron bars, hot glue, air dry clay, duct tape and wood filler. 3 layers of paper mache and a thin layer of paper mache clay. I painted the prop with a primer, black acrylic paint, grey acrylic paint (mixed with sand), diluted black paint (which I immediately wipe off),. Then dry-brushed with a tan acrylic paint. and 3 layers of varnish. Prop weights about 2.5 kg and is +/- 32 cm high and wide.

Gargoyle Sculpture

Paper Mache Gargoyle

4 thoughts on “Paper Mache Gargoyle”

  1. He’s clearly up to no good. I loved seeing him. And thanks for telling us how you got the finish on him. I’ve tried a few “stone” finishes (with no success), but I like how you’ve done this. Appreciate that you shared that.

    Any more coming soon?

    • Thx! I don`t make much projects. I think about 3 in a year……. Mostly Halloween themed. I am thinking about another gargoyle or a Dragon…… Still not decided what to do….


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