Paper Mache Food Saver Table/Shelf

Food Saver Table/Shelf
Submitted by Beth Lyons

Beth Lyon's Food Saver Table/Shelf
Beth Lyon’s Food Saver Table/Shelf

Estimated Cost to Make the Item: free – $1

This is my foodsaver shelf/table. I wanted something that would fit my foodsaver perfectly and have storage room underneath to fit the rolls that I use. I also wanted it to have a place to store the Sharpie Marker and bag cutter that I use when vacuum storing meals.

Since I knew I wasn’t likely to find this anywhere, I made one. I wasn’t patient enough to finish it before pressing it into service, but I actually like the utilitarian look of the mache / cardboard.

There are 3 layers of corrugated cardboard in the table top and the legs. The middle layer has the corrugation going perpendicular to the outer layers to add strength. The pen shelf is only one layer of cardboard because the weight is negligible, but I did hot glue 2 two craft sticks underneath to lend some support.

I hot glued the layers of cardboard together before adding paper mache strips on the edges / ends to neaten things up. I even added some clay to see if I could get a rounded, more even look.

Then I decided I needed it, and it looked fine. : ) If someone were particular they could do quite a lot to finish it and make it look nicer.

All in all, it was a great solution for a custom piece that I made in about 2 days. One day to put it together and mache. Then let it dry.

I already had all the supplies. The breakdown as I see it:

* Cardboard (free)
* Paper strips – used office paper or newspaper (free)
* small snake of jonni clay – (~ wild guestimation 25 cents – do you have better estimate Jonni?)
* 2 craft sticks (2 cents)
* 2 hot glue sticks (10 cents)

So the costs are about $.37 cents …

Food Saver Shelf, Side View
Food Saver Shelf, Side View

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