Pal Tiya Bullfrog

Made by Eileen Gallagher

This very large bullfrog was made of Pal Tiya premium and is totally waterproof since it is a cement based air dry clay. The armature was made the same as you would for a paper mache sculpture. The paint was outdoor house paint and sprayed with an acrylic varnish.

I thought it would be comical to have a huge frog in a garden or by a water feature. It is destined to go to an art show at the end of this month.

8 thoughts on “Pal Tiya Bullfrog”

  1. Wonderful frog! Is this your first time working with pal tiya. It is crazy expensive. I have purchased a small container to try it. How much did it take you to make the frog?

  2. I haven’t seen a bullfrog in my yard in six years! This would be perfect anywhere, and the colors are CRAZY. I love that. Actually, I have two bullfrogs sitting out front, but they are ceramic and have chipped badly over the years. If you can’t tell, this brings back many memories. Love him.

    (Are there female bullfrogs? silly me.)

  3. What a lovely bullfrog! I hope you’re keeping him well feed, because bullfrogs will eat anything they can fit in their mouth! LOL
    (Apologies, couldn’t help myself.)

  4. Eileen, I really like the shading on your bullfrog – it looks just like the much smaller ones that make little temporary nests in the grass all over my yard. And the way he’s looking at us suggests that he’s expecting a pat on the head or a friendly “hello.” He must be good company. 🙂


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